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Google Daydream’s experimental new features include smartphone apps in VR, 6 degrees of freedom

Google jumped into virtual reality in a low-cost, low-key way a few years ago when the company introduced Cardboard: a platform that literally let you put a smartphone into a cardboard headset to experience 360-degree videos and other basic VR content. The company stepped things up a bit in 2016 with the launch of the […]

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Leap Motion unveils $100 augmented reality & hand tracking system

Leap Motion’s hand-tracking technology that lets you control a PC using hand gestures hasn’t really caught on since it first launched almost 5 years ago. But the company’s still around, and now Leap Motion is unveiling something that could be revolutionary… or it could just be another cool idea that fails to catch on. The […]

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Microsoft abandons Kinect, depth and motion sensors are now a mobile thing, not a console thing

Now that smartphones are shipping with the same kind of high-quality depth-sensing and motion tracking cameras that Microsoft had used in its Kinect accessories for Xbox consoles… Microsoft is apparently scrapping its Kinect line of products. Late last year the company stopped manufacturing new Kinect hardware, and now the company has stopped making the USB […]

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3D gesture-tracking cameras coming to Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo PCs

One of the big stories in mobile tech over the past few years has been the rise of the touchscreen. In fact touchscreen tablets are projected to outsell all other personal computers for the first time this quarter. But touchscreens aren’t the only alternatives to mouse and keyboard input. Device makers are starting to explore […]