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Leap Motion to bring hand-tracking to phone-based VR headsets

Leap Motion has been producing sensors for the past few years that allow you to control a computer without touching it by moving your hands and fingers through the air. Now the company has announced plans to bring its technology to mobile devices, bringing hand-tracking features to virtual reality headsets that rely on smartphones, like […]

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Qi motion-based UI could make smartwatches easier to use

Quantum Interface (Qi) has just launched an invite-only beta version of a motion-based interface for Android-based smart watches. The company’s goal is to make a program that uses motion, eye tracking, and predictive navigation to make it easier to control your mobile device without tapping and scrolling through endless menus. Qi’s navigation interface is designed to […]

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Dell Venue 8 7000 Series tablet with 3D camera gets the FCC teardown treatment

Dell plans to launch the first Android tablet to feature an Intel RealSense 3D camera by the end of the year. Even without the camera, the Dell Venue 8 7000 Series looks like an interesting tablet: It’s just 0.24 inches thick and features an 8.4 inch, 2560 x 1600 pixel OLED display. While Dell hasn’t […]

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Rolocule wants to turn Google Chromecast into a cheap game console

Rolocule’s Motion Tennis app lets iPhone users with an Apple TV play a virtual tennis game on their television while using their phone as a wireless, Wiimote-style controller. Now the company hopes to bring the same feature to Android users with a Google Chromecast or Miracast device. In other words you might be able to […]

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Touchscreen keyboards? Where we’re going we don’t need touchscreens

Minuum is a virtual keyboard designed to take up as little space as possible. Right now that means you get more free space for content on a touchscreen phone or tablet. Eventually the Minuum team thinks its keyboard app could offer touchless typing on TVs or computers. The developer of Minuum currently offer an Android app […]

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Lilbits (9-19-2013): Google Wallet goes cross-platform

Google Wallet may have started its life as an app designed to let you tap your phone against a tap register to make electronic payments, but adoption hasn’t exactly been spectacular. The good news is that Google Wallet has a few other features: it can act as a virtual wallet for storing customer loyalty cards, […]

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Leap Motion’s $80 motion controller hits the streets, underwhelms

Leap Motion wants to bring motion controls to computers the same way keyboards brought typing. For $80 you can pick up a sensor that plugs into your PC and lets you interact with a computer by waving your hands, fingers, or other digits around to control games, maps, or other apps. At least that’s the […]

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Nuidroid wants to bring 3D motion control to Android devices

We’ve been interacting with computers through keyboard and mouse input for decades. Touchscreens have added another dimension, and a number of companies are banking on touch-less gestures being the next big thing. Microsoft’s Kinect lets you control video games by moving your body. Leap Motion wants to bring the same sort of controls to the […]

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Asus to offer motion controls for upcoming high-end computers

Asus has announced plans to include motion control capabilities in future notebook and all-in-one desktop computers. The company is using Leap Motion’s hardware and software solutions to allow 3D motion control. In other words, upcoming Asus computers won’t just let you use a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen to interact with software. You’ll also be able […]