Lilbits: AYA Neo, Google Chrome, Samsung smartphone cameras, and Alphabet’s “Wolverine” super-powered hearing moonshot

Google’s parent company Alphabet is working on a line of audio-enhancing products that could turn out to be next-gen hearing aids, or possibly something much more. Meanwhile Google has announced plans to speed up the release schedule for its Chrome web browser by 50-percent, with new stable builds now rolling out every four weeks. Samsung […]

Google’s self-driving car initiative becomes Waymo, a new standalone company

Google has been working on self-driving car technology for eight years, but now the company best known for search, advertising, and mobile software is getting out of the business… and spinning off its automotive division as a brand new company. That company is called Waymo, and rather than building and selling its own cars, Waymo […]

From Android to robots: Google’s Andy Rubin spearheads robotics project

One of the driving forces behind a mobile operating system called Android is now trying to build real robots. Andy Rubin stepped down as Google’s head of Android software earlier this year, but he’s still with the company — and now the New York Times has revealed what he’s been working on. Google’s investing in […]

First HP Project Moonshot servers will use Intel Atom chips (updated)

HP’s Project Moonshot is an initiative to develop low-energy servers that use less electricity than most of today’s models while offering similar performance. When the company unveiled the project in November, HP planned to use low power ARM-based processors. But now HP has changed its tune, and the first servers produced as part of the […]