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Dell Canvas is a 27 inch touchscreen display (that looks like a Surface Studio)

Dell is unveiling a new device aimed at creative types looking for a large touchscreen device with support for pen input and the ability to function both as a display and an input device for creating and editing graphics, music, video, and more. It’s called the Dell Canvas, and it looks a lot like Microsoft’s […]

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Asus PQ321 monitor features a 3840 x 2160 pixel IGZO display

Laptops aren’t the only devices getting crazy high-resolution displays this year. Asus has just unveiled a new desktop monitor with a 4K display. The Asus PQ321 is a 31.5 inch monitor that has just as many pixels as 4 different 1080p screens out together. In other words, if your computer’s video card can handle it, […]

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Lenovo unveils LT1423p Touch Mobile Monitors

Need an external display for your laptop… but want one you can use on the go? Lenovo is launching a series of mobile touchscreen displays that you can pair with a laptop, tablet, or other mobile computer. The Lenovo ThinkVision LT1423 Touch Mobile Monitors are 13.3 inch touchscreen displays which you can pair with a […]

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Frontier FT103 is a 21.5 inch Android tablet (or smart display)

So you thought Toshiba’s 13 inch Android tablet was big? In Japan you can pick up a Frontier FT103 Android device with a 21.5 inch multitouch display. Some folks are calling the FT103 an enormous Android tablet. But it’s probably best to think of it as an all-in-one PC that just happens to have an […]