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Google’s Project Ara modular phone benchmarked… or at least one version

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to design a modular smartphone, allowing you to swap out the processor, memory, screen, camera, battery hardware for different modules. While Google didn’t manage to launch a pilot project in 2015 as originally planned, the company is hoping to begin rolling out a test this year. And it looks like […]

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PuzzlePhone modular smartphone crowdfunding starts Nov 3rd

Another day, another modular smartphone. Oh no wait, phones with modular components that are easy to replace or upgrade are still pretty rare. Google’s Project Ara is an effort to develop a modular phone platform. The Fairphone 2 will feature modular design. And now Finnish startup Circular Devices has a third option: the PuzzlePhone is […]

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Google scraps Puerto Rico pilot for Project Ara modular smartphone

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to design a modular smartphone system that lets you customize your phone’s hardware and design by swapping out modules to add or remove cameras, batteries, storage, or even screens. The company’s been working on the technology for a few years, and had planned to launch a marketing pilot in Puerto […]

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Fonkraft’s fishy modular smartphone campaign pulled from Indiegogo

A few days ago a company called Fonkraft unveiled a new design for a modular smartphone platform and launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 to turn the concept into reality. That struck me as a surprisingly small amount of money for such an ambitious project… and apparently I wasn’t the only one who was […]

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Who needs a modular phone when a modular case might do? (crowdfunding)

Google’s Project Ara, the modular smartphone that is designed to allow users to swap out parts, is still far from being ready to ship. So is Circular Devices’ PuzzlePhone. By the time they launch there might be another option though: a modular smartphone case. Nexpaq is a smartphone case that allows you to swap out modules […]

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Google shows working prototype of Project Ara modular phone

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to create a modular smartphone. Google will sell you a skeleton and you’ll be able to select the screen, processor, storage, battery, and just about everything else. A group at the company’s ATAP special projects team has been developing Project Ara for over a year and hopes to bring the project […]

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Google’s modular smartphone will let you swap hardware without rebooting

Google plans to launch the first modular smartphones based on Project Ara in early 2015, and the head of the project says a working prototype will be shown off at the next Project Ara developer conference in December. He’s also giving a few more details about exactly how the phones will work. Project Ara is […]

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Google’s Project Ara Module Developer Kit paves way for modular smartphones

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to create the first truly modular smartphone, allowing consumers to swap out parts of their phone without buying a whole new handset. Want a better camera? Just buy one. Don’t need a camera, but want super-long battery life? Install two batteries. Google’s been working on the project for some […]