Review roundup: Framework’s modular, upgradeable, repairable laptop

Laptop computers have gotten thinner, lighter, and more powerful over the years. They’ve also gotten harder to upgrade or repair, as most PC makers have sacrificed user-accessible components to get those thin and light designs. The Framework Laptop is something different. It’s reasonably compact for a notebook with a 13.5 inch display, but it’s designed to […]

DevTerm is an open source portable terminal with modular (and retro) design

The DevTerm is a new portable computer with a very old aesthetic. Designed to look like an old school portable terminal, this modular, open source computer features a 6.8 inch, 1280 x 480 pixel IPS display, a keyboard, and battery module plus an optional built-in thermal printer. Under the hood is a ClockworkPi v3.14 mainboard […]

The modular, upgradeable Framework Laptop is available for pre-order for $999 and up

The Framework Laptop is a notebook computer with a 13.5 inch, 2256 x 1504 pixel display, an 11th-gen Intel Tiger Lake-U processer with Iris Xe graphics and a selling point that truly sets it apart from most other laptops on the market: it’s designed to be repairable and upgradeable thanks to a modular design. Not only […]

PocKit is a tiny, modular computer with dozens of blocks that snap into place to add functionality

Modular computers and mobile devices haven’t really taken off in a big way, but it’s not for lack of trying. Google may have scrapped its Project Ara modular smartphone project years ago, but today smaller companies like Fairphone and Pine64 sell phones with upgradeable and replaceable components. And a new company called Framework recently announced […]

Framework Laptop is a modular, upgradeable 13.5 inch notebook coming this summer

As laptop computers have gotten thinner and lighter over the years, they’ve also gotten harder to repair and upgrade. Some models still have upgradeable memory or storage, but many do not. And good luck finding a modern thin and light notebook with a removable battery. A new startup called Framework is looking to reverse that […]

If LG stops making smartphones, who will push the boundaries with weird devices like the LG Wing and LG Rollable?

It’s been years since LG was considered a top tier player in the smartphone space, but the company continues to crank out a handful of new flagship and mid-range Android phones year after year. Now the company is considering downsizing its smartphone business, selling it off, or killing it outright. And while any of those […]

Dell expands its Optiplex Ultra line of PC-in-a-monitor-stand computers

About a year and a half after introducing the first Dell Optiplex Ultra computers which stuff the guts of a PC into a monitor stand, Dell is expanding the lineup with two new models. The new Dell Optiplex 7090 Ultra is a computer-in-a-module that supports up to a 28 watt Intel Corei7-1185G7 processor and has enough horsepower […]

Lilbits: Google Hangouts, Pocket P.C., and Pine64’s modular Linux phone

About a year after introducing a concept for a handheld Linux computer priced at $199, Popcorn Computer is getting closer to actually being able to deliver that little PC to customers. It’s up for pre-order for $199 and according to the latest progress update, production is on track to begin next month and if everything […]