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Lilbits: MangoPi’s SD-card sized Linux PC, supersizing the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and Intel’s most powerful desktop chip

Chinese company MangoPi made a bit of splash earlier this year by introducing a pair of tiny computer boards powered by RISC-V processors. Now the company is showing off a new computer-on-a-module that’s smaller than an SD card, but which packs four ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cores, supports Linux-based software, and can handle 1080p video playback […]

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Mac mini(er): transplanting Apple Silicon into a smaller chassis

When Apple started its move from Intel to Apple Silicon a few years ago, the company promised to deliver higher performance and reduced power consumption and so far Apple has largely delivered on that promise. But the company’s first desktop computer with an M1 chip? It didn’t really take full advantage of the processor’s low […]

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Lilbits: Modular laptops, Google’s foldable “Pixel Notepad,” and open-spec single-board computers

The Framework Laptop is a thin and light notebook with a 13.5 inch, 256 x 1504 pixel display, an Intel Tiger Lake processor, and a modular design that makes the computer not only versatile and repairable, but also hackable — because folks have been designing their own custom expansion modules that do more than just […]

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Lilbits: A smartphone with a smartwatch on the back, mini PCs, and Linux for phones, PCs, and servers

Over the past few years Unihertz has made a habit of zagging in the smartphone space when the rest of the world is zigging. Looking for a BlackBerry-style phone with a physical keyboard? There’s the Unihertz Titan. Want a small screen? Check out the Jelly, Atom, or Titan Pocket lines. But the upcoming Unihertz TickTock […]

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Magisk is alive and well after lead developer joins Google (Utility for rooting and customizing Android devices)

Magisk is a popular tool for rooting and customizing the look, performance, and behavior of Android phones. And when the lead developer took a job at Google earlier this year, there was some concern that he might not be allowed to continue working on Magisk. Now John Wu has explained that he’s been given the […]

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DIY solar powered Game Boy Pocket never needs to be plugged in (if there’s sunlight)

When the Game Boy Pocket was released in 1996, it was a smaller, lighter alternative to the original Game Boy with an improved (but still greyscale) display). But it still offered similar battery life (about 10 hours), while running on just two AAA batteries (rather than four AA batteries). But over the past few decades, […]

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Lilbits: Nintendo 64 cut down to size, Gazelle ends trade-ins, Pixel camera ported to non-Pixel phones

Some folks interested in playing classic console games on the go are content to run an emulator on their phones or tablets. Others actually trim the original motherboard of old game consoles and stuff them into new bodies. One YouTuber has taken that to extremes with a Nintendo 64 that’s been modified to become a […]

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Hang up on Google Assistant (by putting Google Home Mini in a rotary phone)

What happens if you take Google’s smallest smart speaker, and stuff it inside an old-fashioned rotary-dial smartphone? That… is a question that honestly never occurred to me. But now we have an answer anyway, and it’s actually kind of cool. Redditor Movieman_75 took a Google Home Mini, put it inside a rotary phone, and even […]

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Comprinter II is a PC-in-a-printer (and this time it actually prints)

A few months ago Mason Stooksbury crammed the guts of an old PC into an old printer and created a franken-PC called the Comprinter. The only catch? The printer was broken, so the project looked cool, but couldn’t actually print anything unless you connected a different printer. Now Stooksbury is back with a Comprinter II, and […]