Lilbits: Nintendo 64 cut down to size, Gazelle ends trade-ins, Pixel camera ported to non-Pixel phones

Some folks interested in playing classic console games on the go are content to run an emulator on their phones or tablets. Others actually trim the original motherboard of old game consoles and stuff them into new bodies. One YouTuber has taken that to extremes with a Nintendo 64 that’s been modified to become a […]

Hang up on Google Assistant (by putting Google Home Mini in a rotary phone)

What happens if you take Google’s smallest smart speaker, and stuff it inside an old-fashioned rotary-dial smartphone? That… is a question that honestly never occurred to me. But now we have an answer anyway, and it’s actually kind of cool. Redditor Movieman_75 took a Google Home Mini, put it inside a rotary phone, and even […]

Comprinter II is a PC-in-a-printer (and this time it actually prints)

A few months ago Mason Stooksbury crammed the guts of an old PC into an old printer and created a franken-PC called the Comprinter. The only catch? The printer was broken, so the project looked cool, but couldn’t actually print anything unless you connected a¬†different printer. Now Stooksbury is back with a Comprinter II, and […]

Comprinter is a DIY laptop crammed inside a printer for no good reason

Have you ever looked at your laptop… then at your all-in-one printer/scanner/copier and thought they’d look better if they were smashed together to make a single device? Probably not. But there’s still something oddly compelling about seeing it happen. Mason Stooksbury took apart an old Dell laptop and an old Kodak printer and put them […]

The KillMii is a Nintendo Wii game console stuffed in an Altoids tin

The Nintendo Wii introduced a whole new way to play console games when it launched in 2006. At a time when Sony and Microsoft were releasing big, power-hungry devices with high-performance graphics, Nintendo went a different direction and launched a small box that came with a motion controller that allowed you to interact with games […]

X210 mod turns classic Lenovo ThinkPad X201 into a modern PC

Lenovo’s ThinkPad line of laptops have had a cult following since before Lenovo even owned the ThinkPad name (which it gained when Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer business). But while Lenovo has hung onto some older features such as the TrackPoint stick in the center of the keyboard, the company has modernized its hardware in […]

Really retro ThinkPad: X62 and T70 mods put modern specs into old laptop cases

Lenovo may be working on a 25th-anniversary ThinkPad with some retro design elements including a classic keyboard layout. But all signs point to the new ThinkPad 25th anniversary model sporting a widescreen display, which I know some folks have found disappointing. But it turns out there is a way to get a truly classic ThinkPad […]

LG V20 custom ROMs can now include Second Screen widgets, shortcuts

The upcoming LG V30 may be swapping the “second screen” feature for a new “floating bar,” but a team of independent developers have just figured out how to make the second screen on last year’s LG V20 a lot more useful. Up until recently, custom ROM builders were unable to fully take advantage of the […]