Netbooks running Moblin 2.0 Linux coming soon… real soon

Intel Open Source Technology Centre Imad Sousou says that vendors will begin announcing netbooks running Moblin 2.0 within the next week or two. The news came out of an interview with ZDNet UK, where Sousou discussed the current state of Moblin Linux. The operating system is optimized for use on netbooks, particularly those with low […]

Fedora Mini: Netbook specific version of Fedora Linux based on Moblin

The folks behind the Fedora Linux distribution are hard at work developing a version optimized for netbooks. Fedora Mini incorporates elements of Moblin Linux, which is designed for computers with small, low resolution screens and Intel Atom processors. Fedora Mini is still in its infancy, but the developers have begun alpha testing the distro. If […]

Xandros, Canonical working on Moblin-based Linux distros for netbooks

Xandros and Canonical are the latest Linux distributions to announce plans to develop versions of their operating systems based on Moblin. The Moblin Linux distribution, which is backed by Intel and managed by the Linux Foundation is a custom version of Linux optimized for Intel Atom powered mini-laptops. It boots quickly, takes advantage of the […]

Foxconn demos netbook running Moblin-based Linpus Linux – Video

Foxconn is demonstrating its new SZ901 netbook, which looks a lot like most other netbooks when it comes to hardware. It has a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and a 10.1 inch display. But what makes this laptop special is that it’s the first machine I’ve seen that […]