Moblin Linux 2.1 project release for netbooks now available

A new project release (read: pre-release/beta) version of Moblin Linux is now available for netbook users to download and test. Moblin 2.1 includes a number of enhancements and new feature. Here are some of the highlights: Support for 3G data connections Bluetooth device management Updated browser with plug-in support Integrated application installer for Moblin Garage […]

Quake III, HD video demoed on netbooks with GMA 500 graphics, Moblin Linux

Most netbooks released over the past year have shipped with Intel Atom N270/N280 processors and GMA 950 graphics. But a handful use a different chipset designed to provide longer battery life and enhanced graphics performance. While the Intel Atom Z520/Z530 processors are noticeably more sluggish than their N2xx counterparts, the GMA 500 graphics chipset shows […]

Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition reviewed

Dell has been shipping a version of the Inspiron Mini 10v netbook with Ubuntu Moblin Remix Edition for a couple of weeks. And the folks at Ars Technica have posted the first detailed review of the Linux netbook I’ve seen. Now, bear in mind, Dell is considering this a developer edition netbook, meaning the software […]

Dell to offer Mini 10v netbook with Moblin Linux… starting tomorrow

Dell offers the Inspiron Mini 10v netbook with a choice of Windows XP or Linux. Starting tomorrow morning you’ll also be able to pick up a special developer edition running pre-release Moblin Linux software. To be exact, it will be running something called Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition, and as you may have guessed that […]