Mer Project and Sailfish OS are merging (open source, Linux-based mobile operating systems)

Mer is an open source GNU/Linux operating system designed for mobile devices. Sailfish OS, the operating system that Jolla develops for smartphones, is probably the most popular operating system based on Mer (which isn’t really saying very much). And the two projects have been closely intertwined from the get go. So it’s not exactly a […]

Goodbye MeeGo, hello Tizen: Mobile OS for tablets, netbooks, phones

There’s a new open source, Linux-based mobile operating system in town. The Linux Foundation has announced the launch of Tizen, an operating system aimed at smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and other devices including in-vehicle entertainment systems and smart TVs. While the Linux Foundation will host the project, it will be led by Intel and Samsung. The […]

MeeGo Linux 1.0 released for netbooks – Video

MeeGo is a custom operating system designed for netbooks, phones and other internet-connected devices. Today the MeeGo team released MeeGo v1.0 for netbooks. The operating system is primarily aimed at developers right now, since there aren’t a ton of third party applications designed to run on MeeGo yet. But the operating system is fairly stable […]

MeeGo 1.0 netbook, smartphone operating systems demoed – Video

Intel has been showing off the MeeGo operating system at the Intel Developer Forum in China this week. MeeGo is the next generation of Moblin Linux (with a little help from the Maemo project), and it’s optimized for netbooks and other products with Intel Atom processors. In the first video below, you can see MeeGo […]

First builds of MeeGo OS for netbooks, smartphones now available

MeeGo is the new Linux-based operating system and user environment that came out of the merger of the Maemo and Moblin Linux projects. Today the MeeGo team released the first pre-release builds of the operating system, with versions available for: Intel Atom-based netbooks Intel Atom Moorestown handsets The ARM-based Nokia N900 internet device The first […]

Intel AppUp Center (netbook app store) expands to Europe, Linux

Intel’s AppUp Center offers netbook users a single place to find and download applications optimized for netbooks with small displays and Intel Atom processors. You know, kind of like the iTunes App Store, but for netbooks instead of iPhones. Up until today, the AppUp Center was only available for Windows, which struck me as kind […]

Dell offers new Mini 10 netbook with Linux in Japan

Dell Japan is selling the Linux version of the new Inspiron Mini 10 netbook. Like the Windows version, the Linux model has a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, a 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and 802.11b/g/n WiFi. But it comes with an open source operating system. […]