Samsung Pay now works with Gear S3 + most Android phones

Sure, if you have a recent Android smartphone, you can probably use Google’s Android Pay software and use your phone to check out at stores. But if you also happen to own a shiny new Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, you can also opt for Samsung Pay… even if you don’t own a Samsung phone. While […]

Jawbone launches UP2, UP4 fitness trackers (with mobile payments for the UP4)

Jawbone is updating its UP line of fitness trackers with two new models. The UP2 is A $100 model that offers all the basic features you’d expect from an activity-tracking fitness band including step counting, sleep tracking, week-long battery life, and the ability to sync with iOS or Android apps. Or for $200 you can […]

Google Wallet will ship on many Android phones in the US later this year

This could be the year that your smartphone becomes your credit card. Apple Pay technology is included in the latest iPhones and the upcoming Apple Watch, letting you tap your device at the checkout counter to make a payment without pulling your credit card out of your wallet. And now Google has announced a deal […]

Lilbits (9-19-2014): SunShine bootloader unlock for Motorola

SunShine is tool for unlocking the bootloader on a number of HTC smartphones including the HTC One M8, HTC One M7, and older models including the HTC One X. Soon you might be able to use SunShine to unlock Motorola devices as well. Developer Justin Case has posted a video of SunShine for Motorola and […]

PayPal launches Android SDK, offers devs another option for in-app payments

Google offers tools that let Android developers collect payment for in-app purchases using Google Checkout. But now developers that want to let users make payments using a credit card or PayPal can offer that option, thanks to a new Android SDK from PayPal. PayPal says the SDK supports Android 2.2 or later, which should cover […]