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Buy a tablet from T-Mobile, get 200MB of free data every month

Starting November 1st, if you buy a tablet from T-Mobile, you won’t need to pay an extra penny to get online using the carrier’s 4G data network. T-Mobile will offer customers 200MB of free data every month. While that’s not a lot of data, the company says it’s enough to send 2500 email messages, stream […]

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T-Mobile now provides 200MB per month of free mobile data for notebooks, tablets

T-Mobile is rolling out a new 4G Connect plan that basically lets anyone with the proper 4G hardware get up to 200MB of free mobile broadband per month. If you buy a laptop or tablet that supports the plan, you’ll be able to check your email or stream the occasional (short) video for up to […]

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AT&T MiFi Liberate wireless hotspot has a touchscreen for some reason

If you’ve ever looked at your mobile hotspot and thought “I like how this thing lets me connect to 3G and 4G networks on the go, but man it’d be even better if it had a touchscreen instead of buttons and LEDs,” apparently you’re not alone. AT&T has just introduced a new mobile hotspot with […]

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Wireless carriers reportedly testing 3G, 4G BlackBerry PlayBook

We’ve already seen what the new 4G version of the BlackBerry PlayBook table looks like (picture a WiFi-only PlayBook, then slap a 4G sticker on the side). Now comes word that wireless carriers across the globe are testing new 3G and 4G versions of the 7 inch tablet for use on their networks. BerryReview reports […]

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NetZero is back, brings free(ish) 4G internet

Back in the 90s NetZero offered free dial-up internet access by placing ads on your screen while you were online. Now the company is back with a new 4G WiMAX offering, and there’s still a free plan — but you’ll have to pay for the equipment. You can either pick up a 4G USB stick […]