Lilbits: Broadband access, electronics shopping moves online, and do expensive Chromebooks make sense?

Often when I write about Chromebooks, somebody chimes in with a comment about how they’re not “real” laptops, and people would be better off buying a Windows machine. When I write about a Chromebook that costs more than $400, someone will inevitably complain that it’s too much money to spend on a laptop with a […]

Republic Wireless now sells SIM cards, lets you bring your own phone (Only 9 models supported, though)

So you’ve been thinking about signing up for Republic Wireless due to the mobile carrier’s relatively low-cost phone plans… but you’ve been disappointed in the selection of phones available from the company. Good news: now you can bring your own phone. Bad news: That’s only true if you have one of the nine devices that […]

Karma launches new mobile data subscriptions, realizes “unlimited” was unsustainable

Karma is updating its mobile data plans… again. The company sells a mobile hotspot and lets users pay $14 per gigabyte of data with the promise that data never expires. You also get credit if other users connect to your hotspot and sign up for service. A few months ago Karma launched a new plan […]

Sprint says it’ll cut your phone bill in half if you switch from AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile

The fourth-biggest wireless carrier in the US says it’s new LTE Plus network is one of the fastest in the country…┬ábut that doesn’t do the company much good unless it can attract customers. So Sprint is launching a pretty big sale to promote the launch of its new network: switch to Sprint from one of […]

FTC fines TracFone $40 million for throttling “unlimited” data

The Federal Trade Commission is ordering US wireless carrier TracFone to pay $40 million as a penalty for promising “unlimited” data to customers, but then throttling connection speeds or canceling service altogether after customers use more than a certain amount of data. The FTC isn’t saying that there’s anything wrong with throttling data or terminating […]

Cablevision to launch mobile phone service based on WiFi hotspots

US cable TV and internet provider Cablevision plans to launch a mobile phone network in February. It’s called Freewheel, and existing Cablevision subscribers will be able to sign up for unlimited talk, text, and data plans for just $10 per month. Folks who aren’t already Cablevision customers will be able to use Freewheel for $30 […]

T-Mobile, Sprint unveil dueling free or cheap data deals

It wasn’t that long ago that US wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile were talking about merging. That didn’t happen… and now T-Mobile is running a new promotion that provides big incentives for customers that convince their friends to move from Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T to T-Mobile. When you refer a friend who switches to T-Mobile […]

T-Mobile kills overage fees, urges other carriers to follow suit

T-Mobile has been taking some big steps to brand itself as the “un-carrier” over the past year by eliminating contracts, paying your early termination fee when you switch from another carrier, offering unlimited international text and data in 100 countries, and more. Now T-Mobile is eliminating overage fees, which means that US customers won’t have […]