Mozilla brings new features to Firefox Focus privacy-focused browser

Firefox Focus is a mobile web browser designed first and foremost for private browsing. It deletes your cookies every time you exit the browser and never tracks your history. Basically it’s a mobile web browser that only has an incognito/private browsing mode. It also blocks ads that use any data tracking. When Mozilla first launched Firefox […]

Google is bringing big changes to its search engine (more pictures and videos, Google Lens, etc)

Google Search turns 20 this year. And while Google was just a search engine in 1998, these days it’s also the home to YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, the Chrome web browser (and operating system) and Android, among other things. But the company still has a search engine that you may use from time to time… and today […]

Intel may not be done with mobile processors after all

This year Intel announced that it was ending development of its Atom chips for smartphones and scrapping the next-gen Atom chips that had been planned for tablets and 2-in-1 PCs. Instead, Intel would develop modems for smartphones and low-power processors (among other things) for drones, smart home devices, and other Internet of Things products. Now […]

Reddit finally has official Android, iOS apps

Since the rise and fall of Digg, Reddit has pretty much dominated the social news/link-sharing & discussion space. But while reddit’s barebones website is optimized to load quickly and be easy to read on desktop and more recently on mobile devices, the company has largely left the development of mobile apps to third parties… until […]

Sony to bring PlayStation-related games to smartphones

Sony is launching a new effort to bring PlayStation content to smartphones and other smart devices. The Japanese company has announced the creation of a new organization called ForwardWorks that will “leverage the intellectual property of the numerous PlayStation dedicated software titles and its gaming characters” to develop content and services for smart device users […]

WhatsApp pulls the plug on BlackBerry, Symbian, Android 2.2 apps

Facebook-owned chat app WhatsApp is used by as many as a billion people. But a small number of those people might have to look for other solutions later this year, because WhatsApp has announced it’s ending support for a few platforms. The news probably says more about the tiny amount of market share held by those […]

Google Search starts streaming mobile apps (when in-app content isn’t available on the web)

There’s a lot of data on the web, and Google does a pretty good job of indexing as much of it as possible. But as mobile devices have become more common, some information is locked away in apps. Google’s been indexing in-app content for a few years, but up until now the company could only provide […]

AirConsole’s browser-based game platform uses your phone as a controller

There’s no shortage of games to play on your smartphone, but sometimes it’s nice to play on a bigger screen. AirConsole makes it easy to do that while using your phone. Airconsole is a browser-based, multi-player game platform that lets you fire up a web browser on your desktop or notebook, quickly connect your smartphone and […]

Microsoft launches Office for Android tablet preview, updates iOS apps

Microsoft launched a suite of Office apps for iPads earlier this year. Now the company is bringing its new Office apps to iPhones and Android tablets… although the Android versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are still in the “preview” stages. Full versions are expected to launch in early 2015. Microsoft is also updating its […]