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MNT Reform CM4 modules will be available this fall (upgrade the modular laptop’s processor)

The MNT Reform is an unusual laptop with made open hardware and software principles in mind, and featuring a modular, customizable, and upgradeable design. When the MNT Reform began shipping a few years ago, it was only available with a single processor option. Since then the folks at MNT have been working on several additional […]

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MNT Reform Next will be a thinner, faster laptop (open hardware)

The MNT Reform line of laptops are modular machines designed around open hardware principles. Not only do they run open source software, but the hardware designs are all available for anyone that wants to 3D print their own case, redesign the printed circuit board, or make any other changes. But the models the company has […]

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Lilbits: Microsoft consolidates its PC accessory brands, Qualcomm unveils new upscaling tech for mobile devices, and reMarkable tablets adds support for typing… bold and italicized text

Today Nikkei Asia reported that Microsoft was cutting back on production of accessories like keyboards, mice, and pens for its Surface products. But Microsoft has issued a statement to several tech news sites indicating that what’s actually happening is that the company is consolidating its Microsoft and Surface-branded peripherals. The company has a long history […]

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Lilbits: MNT Pocket Reform modular mini-laptop to sell for around $900

The MNT Pocket Reform is a mini-laptop with a modular design that lets you pick your processor module. It features a 7 inch full HD display, an ortholinear 60-key keyboard with mechanical switches, a trackball, and an open hardware design. Made by the folks behind the 12.5 inch MNT Reform notebook, the MNT Pocket Reform […]

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Lilbits: Sony PS VR2 coming in Feb for $550, when Ryzen 9 isn’t faster than Ryzen 7, and goodbye Google Hangouts (again)

It’s been six years since Sony released the PlayStation VR accessory, bringing support for virtual reality games to PlayStation game consoles. At the time its $399 price tag was very competitive, and its specs weren’t too bad by 2016 standards. Now Sony is getting ready to launch a 2nd-gen model featuring a higher-quality display and […]

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Lilbits: A phone that charges in 9 minutes, Qualcomm v ARM, and why the Pixel 7 is 64-bit only (according to Google)

With most modern smartphone makers having access to the same processor, memory, storage, and display technology as their competitors, some companies have found other ways to stand out. For Google it’s photography. And for some Chinese phone makers like Xiaomi and Oppo it’s fast charging. Case in point: does anyone need a mid-range phone with […]

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Lilbits: Microsoft’s new 5G portable computing device, Honor Pad X8 tablet, and Avast buys a popular browser extension

A series of recent listings on the FCC website show that Microsoft has a new “portable computing device” on the way. Since the good stuff like pictures and user manuals are locked away behind confidentiality agreements, all we really know is that it supports WiFi 6E, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, and 5G wireless networking. Could it […]

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Lilbits: Pixel Tablet leaks, Honor Pad 8 announced, and Honor foldable phones could go global

Google announced in May that it was working on a new Pixel Tablet, set to launch in 2023. And the company hasn’t said much about it since then. But folks have been digging through Android Open Source Project code, among other things to get an idea of what to expect. We already knew that it […]

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Lilbits: Microsoft’s cheaper Surface Duo was canceled before it was ever announced

Developer Lukas Hartman is showing off a prototype of the printed circuit board for the upcoming MNT Pocket Reform mini laptop with a 7 inch display and a modular, open hardware design. And speaking of modular miniatures, the reTerminal is a Raspberry Pi-based device with a 5 inch touch display and a modular design… except […]