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Xiaomi Phone 2S is China’s answer to the HTC One/Samsung Galaxy S IV

There are more companies cranking out smartphones and tablets in China than I can count. But Xiaomi is one of the few companies that actually has a little bit of name recognition outside of China, thanks in part to the company’s popular MIUI skin for Android. It also doesn’t hurt that the company puts out […]

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AOKP, MIUI custom ROMs updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

CyanogenMod isn’t the only Android development team making the jump from Android 4.0 to Android 4.1. The developers behind the MIUI and AOKP custom ROMs for Android phones and tablets have also released initial builds of their software based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. CyanogenMod, MIUI, and AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) are three of […]

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EdenTab 7 inch tablet with MIUI Android hits Japan

MIUI is a custom version of Google Android with its own home screen design, custom notification system, and a number of unique apps. It looks like the sort of customization that you’d expect from a big phone maker such as Samsung or HTC, but up until recently MIUI was best known by hackers looking for […]

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MIUI ROM is now available for the Kindle Fire – video

There’s a new version of Android available for Amazon Kindle Fire users that aren’t afraid of rolling up their sleeves and hacking the tablet. It’s based on the popular MIUI software which is already available for dozens of other Android devices. MIUI replaces the Kindle Fire’s version of Android with a user interface that looks […]

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MIUI ROM released for the HP TouchPad (Pre-Alpha)

There’s a new version of Google Android available for the HP TouchPad. While people have been happily loading CyanogenMod 7 on the HP tablet for the past few months, you can also now install a custom ROM based on MIUI. The HP TouchPad ships with webOS software, but installing Android allows you to run thousands […]