Xiaomi’s Android phones are finally getting an app drawer

Most of Xiaomi’s Android smartphones ship with a custom user interface called MIUI. It includes some apps and features that aren’t available with stock Android… but it’s also historically been missing one thing that most Android phones have: an app drawer. When you install a new app on a Xiaomi smartphone with the MIUI launcher, […]

This might be the year Xiaomi enters the US smartphone market… or maybe next year

Xiaomi has become one of the top 5 smartphone companies in China, and the company’s phones have also become popular in other markets including India and Singapore. But while Xiaomi sells a handful of gadgets in the US including a media streaming box for TVs, battery packs, and headphones, the company has yet to officially […]

Now you can install MIUI 7 on dozens of non-Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi may be in the business of developing its own smartphones, but the company’s Android-based software can also be installed on other devices… and now it’s possible to install the recently unveiled MIUI 7 ROM on 69 different devices. The list of phones that you can install MIUI 7 on include the Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus […]

Xiaomi launches MIUI 7 software for Android phones

Chinese device maker Xiaomi has built a reputation for offering high-quality smartphones at low prices. But that’s not the only thing that’s unusual about the company’s phones. While they run Google Android software, they also have a heavily skinned user interface called MIUI that looks something like a cross between Android and iOS. Now the team has […]

Xiaomi launches MIUI software for tablets, prepping to launch its own tablet?

Chinese device and software company has been making a custom version of Android called MIUI for smartphones since before the company even began selling its own phones. These days Xiaomi might be better known for the high-quality, low-cost phones it sells in China (and a few other places). Now Xiaomi is taking its first steps […]