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Kyobo launches eReader with Mirasol color display

Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology combines some of the best features of E Ink and LCD displays. Mirasol displays offer a full range of colors, but use far less power than most color screens. You can also view the screens in direct sunlight or using other ambient light, because they don’t need require a backlight. They […]

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Qualcomm Mirasol displays could compete with OLED screens in the tablet space

Qualcomm has been showing off its Mirasol display technology for the last few years. The low power screens don’t require a backlight, instead relying on ambient lighting like an E Ink screen. That reduces power consumption and makes it possible to view the screens in direct sunlight. But unlike most E Ink displays, Mirasol screens […]

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Mirosol: We’d have sunlight readable screens on the market if not for that pesky iPad

Mirosol has been showing off its low power reflective sunlight readable color display technology for a couple of years, but so far no actual products using the screens have shipped. Now Engadget has the story on why that is. In a nutshell, Mirosol’s displays don’t require a backlight and don’t draw much more power than […]

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PocketBook developing tablet with Mirasol outdoor-readable display

Mirasol has been showing off its technology for outdoor readable color LCD displays for over a year, but I haven’t seen any actual devices using Mirasol screens yet. It looks like that could change soon. A demo video for an upcoming tablet from PocketBook shows the device with a Mirasol display — although it looks […]

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Qualcomm reportedly investing $2 billion in Mirasol color eReader displays

While Pixel Qi has been grabbing a lot of headlines for its dual-mode LCD displays which can function as full color laptop or tablet screens or low power, high contrast eReader displays, the company isn’t the only game in town. Qualcomm has been working on its own solution: a low power eReader display with a […]