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Baikal-T1 is a dual-core MIPS chips for Russian communications tech

Last year Russian government officials said they wanted to reduce reliance on Intel and AMD chips and move to processors designed and built in the country. Now the folks at Imagination Technology have announced that they’re working with a group of engineers to create a dual-core MIPS-based processor for communications applications. It’s called the Baikal-T1, […]

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MIPS Creator CI20 dev board gets a design refresh, wireless improvements

The MIPS Creator CI20 is a single-board computer with a 1.2 GHz dual-core MIPS32 processor. Unlike some single-board computers aimed at developers, hackers, and the generally DIY-minded, the board features integrated WiFi and Bluetooth and well as Ethernet, HDMI, and SD card slots and a number of developer-friendly I/O connectors. But there’s always room for improvement, […]

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Imagination introduces free MIPSfpga for university use

Imagination Technologies designs the MIPS processor technology used in some low-power devices such as tablets and set-top-boxes. But MIPS-based processors aren’t nearly as popular as chips based on ARM or x86 designs. An unusual program Imagination is introducing could help change that. The company has announced that it’s offering universities un-obfuscated access to one of its […]

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Firefox OS ported to run on a MIPS-based tablet

Mozilla’s Firefox OS is an operating system designed to run web apps. It’s been optimized for smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. The operating system is based on open source software that can run on a range of different types of hardware including wearables and TV sticks. Now the folks at Imagination Technologies have ported Firefox OS to run […]

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MIPS Creator CI20 dev board now available for $65

The MIPS Creator CI20 is a single-board computer aimed at developers and hobbyists. In other words it’s a lot like a Raspberry Pi… but while the Raspberry Pi has an ARM-based processor the CI20 features a MIPS-based processor. First introduced in December, the MIPS Creatore CI20 is now shipping. It’s available for purchase for $65 or £50. […]

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MIPS Creator CI20 dev board is Imagination’s answer to the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation showed that there’s a market for low-cost, low-power computers aimed at developers and tinkerers when it began offering tiny ARM-based computers for $35 or less. Two years later, the folks at Imagination Technologies have decided it’s time to offer a similar device, but this time with a MIPS-based processor. The MIPS […]

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Imagination is giving away its first MIPS-based dev board for free (to some people)

The MIPS Creator CI20 is a small, low-cost single-board computer with an Ingenic JZ4780 processor, PowerVR SGX540 graphics, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of flash storage. It’s basically Imagination Technologies’s answer to the Raspberry Pi… but instead of an ARM-based chip, it uses the company’s MIPS-based processor. The goal is to make it easier for software and […]

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Lilbits (4-2-2014): Reversible USB cables and MIPS-based wearables

ARM-based chips get a lot of love from makers of smartwatches and other wearable devices, and Intel is making its own play for the wearable space. But Imagination Technology doesn’t want you to forget about MIPS-based processors. The company points out that it’s already partnering with Google to support the upcoming Android Wear platform for wearables… […]

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Lilbits (6-27-2013): Creeping toward Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 isn’t due out until October, but one of the nice things about open source operating systems is that most of the development takes place in public. (I know, Ubuntu’s been getting some flak for working on skunkworks projects, but let’s ignore that for a moment). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that […]

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Hands-on with Ingenic’s dual-core MIPS processor (video)

Ingenic is showing off a range of Android tablet featuring its new JZ4780 MIPS processor. It’s the company’s first dual core MIPS chip, and the first to feature PowerVR SGX 540 graphics instead of the Vivante graphics found in earlier chips. I got a chance to spend a few minutes playing with the company’s 7 […]

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Ingenic JZ4780 is a dual-core MIPS CPU for Android tablets

Chip designer MIPS and manufacturer Ingenic have introduced a new dual core system-on-a-chip called the Ingenic JZ4780. It’s designed for low power mobile devices, and the companies plan to show off a 10 inch Android 4.1 tablet featuring the new processor at CES. The JZ4780 is a 1.3 GHz dual core MIPS Xburst processor with […]

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Imagination buys MIPS, brings CPU and GPU designs under one rooft

Graphics chip designer Imagination Technologies has acquired CPU designers MIPS Technologies for $60 million. The move mean we’ll start to see more MIPS-based tablets, smartphones, and other devices soon… or maybe it won’t. MIPS Technologies designs low power processors that can be used in a range of devices including TVs and cable boxes as well […]

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Android 4.1 coming soon to MIPS-based devices

ARM-based processors may dominate the Android space right now. But Google’s mobile operating system can also run on phones, tablets, and other devices with x86 or MIPS-based processors. We’ve seen a number of low-cost MIPs-based products running Android 4.0 including the iPPea $50 PC-on-a-stick and $100 Ainol Novo 7 tablet. Now Computer World reports that […]