Low-cost single-board computers with RISC-V chips are coming soon

The first single-board computers powered by an Allwinner Xuantie-C906 processor could be set to ship soon. The chip isn’t exactly a speed demon, but it is expected to be one of the most affordable processors based on RISC-V open chip architecture. Earlier this year Pine64 announced it was developing a single-board computer (SBC) featuring the […]

MINISFORUM GK50 is a fanless mini PC with Intel Gemini Lake Refresh for $299 and up

MINISFORUM has been cranking out a number of small form-factor desktop computers over the past few years including models with AMD Ryzen 4000U and Intel Comet Lake or Coffee Lake chips. The new MINISFORUM GK50 is a little different. It’s a small, passively cooled computer powered by a 6-watt Intel Pentium Silver N5030 Gemini Lake […]

MINISFORUM launches HM50 mini PC with Ryzen 5 4500U for $699 and up

Chinese PC maker MINISFORUM has launched a new small form factor desktop computer featuring an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U hexa-core processor, at least 16GB of RAM and at least 256GB of storage. The MINISFORUM HM50 is up for pre-order for $699 and up and it should begin shipping to customers in late April. The 5.9″ […]

Firefly Station P2 mini PC with RK3568 processor, Android and Ubuntu support hits Indiegogo for $122 and up

A year after releasing the Station P1 mini computer, the folks at Firefly are introducing a follow-up called, you guessed it, the Firefly Station P2. The new model supports twice as much RAM, more storage expansion options, faster WiFi, and a newer (but not necessarily faster) processor. It’s up for pre-order through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for about […]

The One XPlayer is a handheld gaming PC with Intel Tiger Lake from One Netbook

Over the past few years Chinese PC maker One Netbook has released a bunch of mini-laptop computers in a range of sizes and styles. But the company’s next device will be a little different. The upcoming One XPlayer is a Windows PC shaped like a handheld game console. It has a touchscreen display in the center, […]

Beelink and GMK mini PCs with Intel Core i5-8259U and Iris Plus 655 now available

When I reviewed the Intel Bean Canyon NUC small form factor desktop computer in 2018, I noted that its 28-watt Intel Core i5-8259U processor with Intel Iris Plus 655 graphics gave it an edge over most other similarly-sized mini PCs at the time. A few years later, Intel has a few 15-watt processors that can […]

Lilbits: AYA Neo, Google Chrome, Samsung smartphone cameras, and Alphabet’s “Wolverine” super-powered hearing moonshot

Google’s parent company Alphabet is working on a line of audio-enhancing products that could turn out to be next-gen hearing aids, or possibly something much more. Meanwhile Google has announced plans to speed up the release schedule for its Chrome web browser by 50-percent, with new stable builds now rolling out every four weeks. Samsung […]