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Raspberry Pi makers won’t ever sell a PC case, recommend the Pibow for now

The Raspberry Pi is often described as an inexpensive, low-power computer. But really, at this point it’s pretty much a low power motherboard, memory, and processor. For $35 you can pick up a Raspberry Pi with a 700 MHz ARM11 processor and 256MB of RAM, but it doesn’t include any storage space… or a protective […]

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Kontron slaps a Tegra 3 processor onto a Mini-ITX motherboard

We’ve seen low power ARM-based processors show up in everything from smartphones to set-top-boxes, from tablets to USB thumb drive-sized PCs. Now a company called Kontron is slapping together Mini-ITX computer motherboard featuring an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. In other words, unlike the Raspberry Pi and other ARM-based mini-computers, the upcoming Kontron KTT30 MiTX […]

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Raspberry Pi hits general availability: order as many as you like

The Raspberry Pi computer has been in short supply since it first hit the production lines a few months ago. But now the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s two manufacturing partners have stepped up production, and 4,000 units are being produced every day. So the group is removing ordering restrictions. Previously orders were limited to one per […]

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CyanogenMod 9 ported to the Google Nexus Q

The Google Nexus Q is a $299 media streaming device designed to let you play music and movies purchased or rented from the Google Play Store. Out of the box, it doesn’t have a user interface. Instead, Google offers an app that lets you control media playback from your Android phone or tablet. Under the […]

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Hardkernel ODROID-X: $129 Android developer board with quad-core CPU

Korean company Hardkernel offers a line of tablets aimed at developers. While they tend to have some great hardware, they also tend to carry high price tags. Now the company is offering a new developer board which costs just $129. Last year’s Hardkernel ODROID-A was one of the first tablets to ship with a Samsung […]