VIA ARM Digital Signage system is a small Android-based PC

The VIA ARM Digital Signage System looks like a small computer… and basically it is. But it’s designed to run Google Android or other embedded operating systems, and as the name suggests, VIA is positioning the little PC as a digital signage system for use in retail, education, entertainment, kiosks, or similar environments. VIA’s latest […]

MK802 notebook: Connecting a $74 PC to a Motorola Lapdock

The Raspberry Pi isn’t the only mini computer that you can turn into a cheap laptop by connecting a Motorola Lapdock. Motorola’s laptop docking station may have been designed for select Android smartphones, but with the proper adapters you can also use the Lapdock as a keyboard, touchpad, display, and power supply for the MK802 […]

Intel’s Next Unit of Computing mini-PC could hit retail for $400

Intel recently unveiled a new reference design for a palm-sized mini computer with an Intel Core i3 processor. The company’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) platform was originally designed for niche markets such as digital signage and kiosks. But in case you hadn’t noticed, mini PCs are generating a lot of interest these days — […]

Geniatech Enjoy TV Stick ATV100: Android PC on a stick with ARM Cortex-A9

Chinese equipment maker plans to launch a new USB thumb-drive sized computer, or internet TV accessory called the Enjoy Stick ATV100 by the end of the month. Charbax from got a sneak peek at the Computex trade show in Taiwan last week. At first glance, the ATV100 looks a lot like the MK802 Mini […]