GPD Pocket 2 mini laptop’s keyboard updated ahead of crowdfunding campaign

GPD unveiled the design and specs for its upcoming Pocket 2 mini laptop in June. While the first-gen GPD Pocket had an Intel Atom processor, a 7 inch touchscreen display, and a tiny keyboard with a pointing stick rather than a touchpad, the GPD Pocket 2 had a faster Intel Core M3-7Y30 processor, a similar […]

Gateway/Packard Bell launch 10 inch mini-laptop: Return of the netbook?

Are netbooks making a comeback? A few years ago it was hard to visit a coffee shop without spotting someone using an inexpensive 10 inch portable notebook, and virtually every major PC maker had a netbook to offer. But as tablets grew more popular, ultrabooks brought thin and light design to higher-powered notebooks, and Intel’s […]