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Lilbits (6-28-2013): Haswell in small desktops, Raspberry Pi in an Atari case

Zotac has released a number of tiny desktop computers over the past few years, but the company also offers products that let you build your own. The latest is the Zotac H87-ITX, a small motherboard that’s compatible with Intel’s 4th-generation Core processors, also known as “Haswell.” You can use the H87-ITZ mini-ITX board to build […]

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ASUS C60M1-I: $80 PC board with AMD C-60 dual core CPU

Mini-computers with ARM-based processors and low price tags have been getting a lot of attention lately. But ARM-based systems like the Raspberry Pi or UG802 aren’t the only games in town when it comes to low-power computers that cost less than $100. You can pick up an Asus C60M1-I board for just under $80. For that price you […]

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Kontron slaps a Tegra 3 processor onto a Mini-ITX motherboard

We’ve seen low power ARM-based processors show up in everything from smartphones to set-top-boxes, from tablets to USB thumb drive-sized PCs. Now a company called Kontron is slapping together Mini-ITX computer motherboard featuring an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. In other words, unlike the Raspberry Pi and other ARM-based mini-computers, the upcoming Kontron KTT30 MiTX […]

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JetWay Mini ITX motherboard features Cedar Trail processor

It’s been a few months since Intel introduced its latest Intel Atom processors, but it’s been pretty hard to find any actual products that actually use an Intel Atom N2600 or Atom N2800 processor. The Acer Aspire One D270 Cedar Trail netbook is up for pre-order for about $280, but it’s not shipping in the US […]