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Lilbits: Teenage Engineering’s first PC chassis, Right to Repair, and Magic Eraser breaks free from the Pixel 6

Teenage Engineering is a company known for designing sleek-looking products including the company’s own audio products and synthesizers as well as designs for third-party hardware including the Playdate handheld game console, H smart speaker, and l-1 camera. Now the Swedish company has introduced its first PC chassis. The Computer-1 is a striking looking compact case […]

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Asus N51051-IM-A pairs Intel Jasper Lake with an industrial mini-ITX mainboard

Asus has already shown off a Jasper Lake-based mini PC this summer. Now they’ve revealed the N51051-IM-A, a compact new mainboard that leverages one of Intel’s low-power, low-cost 10nm processors. Asus obviously isn’t hiding the fact that the board utilizes a 10W Celeron N5105 chip. The quad-core N5105 can handle four simultaneous threads and is […]

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Over:Board turns a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 into a mini-ITX motherboard (crowdfunding)

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 is a tiny computer with the brains of a Raspberry Pi 4 packed into an even smaller package with fewer ready-to-use ports. It’s designed to be used by hobbyists, developers, or companies that want to embed the module in hardware projects or use it with a carrier board that […]

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ECS GLKD-HTI is a PC motherboard half the size of a mini-ITX

ECS has unveiled a new PC motherboard designed for small form-factor computers. Measuring 6.7″ x 3.3″, the new ECS GLKD-HTI is half the size of a mini-ITX board. It’s listed on the ECS website under the SoC (system-on-a-chip) category, likely because the board is designed to work with an Intel Gemini Lake processor that is not user […]

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Gigabyte ESSENCE is a mini-ITX case for DIY PC builders

Looking for a small form-factor, low-power computer but not happy with the Intel NUC or Gigabyte BRIX models available for purchase? You can build your own… although you’ll probably end up spending more money on parts than you would on a complete system. There are a number of mini-ITX motherboards which come with Intel Bay […]

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Lilbits (2-08-2014): More Bay Trail motherboards

A handful of companies have already introduced mini-ITX PC boards featuring low-power Intel Bay Trail processors.  But CNX Software found a company that’s going even smaller. Wibtek’s new “thin mini-ITX” boards can be smaller than a normal mini-ITX board thanks to the fact that they don’t need an ATX power supply. This lets the boards fit […]

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Gigabyte, BIOSTAR, MSI offering mini-ITX boards with Celeron Bay Trail chips

MSI recently introduced a small form-factor PC motherboard that comes bundled with a low power Intel Celeron J1800 processor. That makes it one of the first motherboards that DIY PC builders can use to put together a system with an Intel Bay Trail processor. But it’s also notable because it’s cheap. The MSI J1800i is […]

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MSI J1800i is a Bay Trail board and CPU combo for just $60

MSI’s got a nice new mainboard and CPU solution if you’ve been thinking about building your own HTPC or a budget-minded desktop. The J1800i comes with an integrated Bay Trail Celeron processor, and it’s got a suggested retail price of just $60. The j1800i is very similar to the ECS BAT-I. It features a 64-bit […]

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ECS introduces Mini-ITX motherboard for Bay Trail desktops

The first tablets and notebooks with Intel’s low-power Bay Trail processors are now shipping, but what about desktops? They’re on the way too, and if you don’t feel like buying a pre-built system, it looks like you’ll be able to build your own. ECS has introduces a Mini-ITX motherboard called the BAT-I which is designed […]