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LattePanda Delta single-board PC with Intel Gemini Lake now available for $188 and up ($228 with Windows 10)

LattePanda’s single-board computers fit loosely into the same category as Raspberry Pi’s tiny PCs aimed at educators, students, makers, and other enthusiasts. But LattePanda’s mini PCs pack a lot more horsepower and app compatibility than most single-board computers. That’s because they feature Intel x86 processors rather than ARM chips. But that hardware comes at a […]

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Smach Z handheld gaming PC will support up to Radeon Vega 11 graphics

After years of development, Smach finally started showing gameplay videos of the Smach Z handheld gaming PC last year, and began bringing working prototypes to trade shows this year. Last month YouTuber The Phawx started posting in-depth hands-on videos of a prototype he received from Smach. And now Smach is showing off the latest versions […]

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Raspberry Pi Zero W + old DVD player = portable Kodi media center

Back in the days when most of us weren’t already carrying tiny screens in our pockets capable of streaming movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, there was a market for portable DVD players. You don’t see these portable media players in electronics stores as much as you used to. But if you’ve […]

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$25 Raspberry Pi Model A mini-computer now available in Europe

Less than a year after the Raspberry Pi foundation launched a $35 barebones mini-computer, a second model has launched. The Raspberry Pi Model A is basically a stripped down version of the Model B that’s been available since early 2012, but the new version sells for about $25 (plus VAT). It’s already available for purchase in […]