Microsoft Surface RT tablets coming to schools for $199 (less than half price)

Microsoft’s Surface RT is a tablet with a 10.6 inch display, an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, and Windows RT software. It sells for $499 and up, and the price includes a free copy of Microsoft Office. But aside from Office and the option of paying extra for a slick keyboard cover, there’s not really much […]

Report: Microsoft working on a Surface tablet with a 7.5 inch high-rez screen

Microsoft has yet to announced a next-generation Surface tablet. But a few weeks after reports surfaced suggesting that the next Microsoft Surface would have a 7 inch screen, there’s word that the company might be going with a slightly more unusual (but still portable) size. CNET reports there’s evidence that the new Surface tablet could have a […]

WSJ: 7 inch Microsoft Surface tablet in the works

Microsoft may be preparing to build a 7 inch version of its Surface tablet. That’s hardly shocking. We’ve been hearing rumors and spotting evidence for months. But now The Wall Street Journal reports that “people familiar with the company’s plans” say new Surface tablets are in the works… and that includes a 7 inch model. According […]

Microsoft Surface China Edition comes with Office Home & Student

In the United States Microsoft offers two versions of its Surface tablet. You can buy a Surface Pro with Windows 8 Pro, an Intel Core i5 processor other premium features. Or you can get a cheaper Surface RT tablet with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, Windows RT, and bundled Office 2013 Home & Student software. […]

Microsoft’s Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet can run Linux

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a tablet designed to showcase the Windows 8 operating system. But that doesn’t mean Windows 8 is the only software the tablet can run.’s Russell Holly  picked up one of Microsoft’s new tablets recently, and he’s been hard at work convincing the Surface Pro to run various Linux-based operating systems. […]

Microsoft Surface Pro goes on sale at midnight, launch event canceled due to weather

Microsoft’s second tablet goes on sale tonight at midnight. The company had planned to hold a launch event for the Surface Pro in New York City tonight, but Neowin reports that plan’s been canceled due to the storm hammering the Northeast US: Many flights to New York have already been canceled due to the blizzard […]

64GB Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will ship with just 23GB usable space, 128GB model has 83GB

There’s good news and bad news for folks planning to pick up a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet next month. The good news is that the tablet will have a full recovery partition built-in, which means you can always restore the computer to its factory default settings. The bad news is that the operating system, default […]

Now there’s a tool that lets anyone jailbreak a Windows RT device

Earlier this week a developer figured our how to jailbreak a Microsoft Surface RT, allowing the tablet to run unsigned desktop-style apps. Now another developer has put together a tool that makes it relatively easy for anyone to jailbreak a Windows RT tablet or other device. It’s available for download from the xda-developers forum. Normally […]

Rumor: Microsoft to launch 3 new Surface tablets in 2013

Microsoft’s second Surface tablet hasn’t even hit the streets yet. But there’s already a rumor going around that the company is working on three new tablets which could launch in 2013. Long-time Microsoft leak source MS_Nerd posted some details on a Twitter account (which is private). But the folks at Digital Trends have posted most […]