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Microsoft Surface RT tablets coming to schools for $199 (less than half price)

Microsoft’s Surface RT is a tablet with a 10.6 inch display, an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, and Windows RT software. It sells for $499 and up, and the price includes a free copy of Microsoft Office. But aside from Office and the option of paying extra for a slick keyboard cover, there’s not really much […]

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Deals of the Day (5-31-2013)

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet features a 10.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display, an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and a $499 price tag. But at a time when you can find plenty of full-fledged Windows 8 tablets selling for less than that, you have to imagine Microsoft is having a tough time selling its […]

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Now there’s a tool that lets anyone jailbreak a Windows RT device

Earlier this week a developer figured our how to jailbreak a Microsoft Surface RT, allowing the tablet to run unsigned desktop-style apps. Now another developer has put together a tool that makes it relatively easy for anyone to jailbreak a Windows RT tablet or other device. It’s available for download from the xda-developers forum. Normally […]

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Surface RT tablet goes on sale at John Lewis in the UK for £479 and up

As expected, Microsoft is starting to offer the Surface RT tablet through new channels. UK retailer John Lewis is already taking orders for the tablet for £479 and up through its online store, and the company plans to start stocking the laptop in-store this weekend. That £479 price covers the cost of a 32GB Surface RT tablet […]

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Microsoft Surface heading to more retail stores… maybe more people will buy it?

The Microsoft Surface RT is the first consumer tablet from software maker Microsoft, and it’s a platform for showing off what the new Windows RT operating system can do. But with a starting price of $499, the tablet isn’t exactly an impulse buy — and reports suggest that Microsoft has seen relatively modest sales so […]

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Rumor: Microsoft to launch 3 new Surface tablets in 2013

Microsoft’s second Surface tablet hasn’t even hit the streets yet. But there’s already a rumor going around that the company is working on three new tablets which could launch in 2013. Long-time Microsoft leak source MS_Nerd posted some details on a Twitter account (which is private). But the folks at Digital Trends have posted most […]

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Microsoft to support the Surface RT tablet through April, 2017

It’s a bit early to say whether Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system will really take off. But if you buy the company’s first Windows RT tablet, you can at least be certain that Microsoft will support it through early 2017. ZDNet’s Ed Bott noticed that Microsoft has updated its product lifecycle page to show that […]

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Microsoft Surface RT dissected in iFixit teardown

Now that the Microsoft Surface RT tablet is now available for $499 and up, it was only a matter of time before someone ripped it apart to see what it looks like on the inside. The folks at iFixit did just that… and discovered that while the tablet’s not too hard to rip apart, putting […]

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$499 Microsoft Surface RT pre-orders sold out? Ship date pushed back to 3 weeks

Microsoft started taking pre-orders for the Surface RT tablet yesterday for $499 and up. Some folks complained that the price was too high. Other folks didn’t… because apparently they were too busy clicking the pre-order button. While the $599 and $699 models still show delivery dates of October 26th, the Microsoft Store now says if […]

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Microsoft Surface RT team: Yes, you can type on your lap, use Xbox controllers

The Microsoft Surface team has taken to Reddit to answer questions about the new Surface RT tablet. Microsoft’s first tablet hits the streets October 26th, but it went up for pre-order today for $499 and up. While the tablet’s specs have been available for a while, the folks who built the tablet are telling us […]