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Microsoft to reward schools with free Surface RT tablets for using Bing search

Microsoft’s got a search engine called Bing. You may not have heard of it, since Google gets most of the attention in the search market. But Microsoft would really like to get a few more people using Bing — and the company’s willing to give away free hardware and even forego some profit in order […]

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Reports: Asus drops Windows RT, NVIDIA & Microsoft prep Surface RT 2

Microsoft took a bit of a gamble when the company launched Windows RT in late 2012. Up until that point, it’s flagship Windows operating system only ran on computers with x86 processors, but phones, tablets, and other devices with ARM-based chips were flooding the market. So Microsoft released a version of Windows that runs on […]

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Lilbits (7-26-2013): Too many Surface RT tablets

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet launched last year as one of the first devices to ship with Windows RT. It was an impressive achievement, with Microsoft essentially retooling its entire Windows operating system to run on devices with ARM-based chips. But while the Surface RT has long battery life, instant on capabilities, and an intriguing optional […]

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Microsoft takes a $900 million hit for unsold Surface RT tablets

Microsoft put a lot of time and effort into developing a version of Windows that could run on devices with ARM-based processors. Then the company went all-in and launched its own tablet running the operating system. And it turns out it’s not selling very well. If the recent $150 price drop wasn’t a good enough […]

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Microsoft Surface RT gets a global price cut (now costs about $350)

As expected, Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet is now available in the US for $350 and up. In the US, can pick one up for the new price at the Microsoft Store or at select retailers including Best Buy and Staples. But the new prices aren’t just available in the United States. Neowin noticed that the based […]

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Report: Next-gen Microsoft Surface RT to be powered by Qualcomm chips

Microsoft’s decision to start offering deeply discounted Surface RT tablets to schools this week has prompted some to ask whether the company is giving up on its Windows RT tablet. But a report from Bloomberg news suggests another possibility: Microsoft may be clearing out existing inventory to make way for a new, faster model. Bloomberg […]