Soon you’ll be able to install Office 365 on as many PCs as you want

Micosoft’s entry-level Office 365 subscriptions are about to get a little more useful for home and/or personal users. Currently if you pay $70 per year for an Office 365 Personal account you can install Office on up to five devices. Office 365 Home subscribers who pay $100 can install Office on up to 10 devices […]

Microsoft Office is now available from the Windows Store (for Surface Laptop users)

As promised, Microsoft has brought its Office suite of applications to the Windows Store. You can now get the full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other applications through Microsoft’s app store… but there’s one small catch. Right now you can only do that if you have a Surface Laptop running Windows 10 S. […]

Microsoft steps up push for Office 365 subscriptions over single-license Office installs

There are currently a few different ways to get your hands on Microsoft Office. There are home and business versions of Office. And make a one-time purchase to get a version of Office that you can install on a single PC or pay for an Office 365 subscription that lets you install the operating system on one […]

CrossOver is bringing Office 2013 support to Chromebooks

CrossOver Android is a utility that makes it possible to run some Windows software on Android devices with Intel processors. The developers at CodeWeavers released an initial beta last summer, and a new Tech Preview is coming soon. CodeWeavers president James Ramey says the update includes a new user interface and support for more apps […]

Wine 2.0 brings Office 2013 support to Linux (and more)

Wine is an open source compatibility layer that allows you to run some Windows software on Linux or Mac computers. This week version 2.0 was released and, among other things, it brings support for running Office 2013 on Linux and 64-bit support for macOS. If those improvements sound familiar, that’s because they showed up in […]

Microsoft Office as a Universal Windows app spotted… sort of

Microsoft may have abandoned plans to launch a tool that lets developers convert their Android apps into Windows Universal apps. But the company continues to offer tools to iOS and web developers, and later this year Microsoft will release Project Centennial, which allows developers to convert classic Windows apps into Universal apps. And it looks like […]

Microsoft Office 2016 coming this month, as is Office for iOS 9

September is a big month for Microsoft Office: the next desktop version of Office for Windows will be available starting September 22nd, and an updated version of Office for iPhone and iPad will be available when iOS 9 launches on September 16th. Office 2016 for Windows desktop users includes updated versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and […]

Say goodbye to free Office 365 Personal subscriptions with Windows PCs

For the past year or so, Microsoft has been partnering with PC makers to offer free 1-year subscriptions to Office 365 Personal to customers when they buy a small laptop or tablet. Since a subscription is worth $70 and some Windows PCs have actually been available for around the price or less, in some cases […]

Microsoft Office preview now available for Android phones

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are now available for Android phones… sort of. You can download and install the apps for free, but you’ll need to sign up as a beta tester because right now Microsoft’s Office apps for Android phones are still in the “preview” stage. The launch of the new Android phone preview […]