Band Unlocker keeps the Microsoft Band useful long past its sell-by date

The problem with modern “smart” gadgets is that many of them become pretty dumb once they’re no longer supported by the manufacturer. So when Microsoft discontinued the Microsoft Band 2 wearable activity tracker a few years ago, it was helpful that the company continued offering support its companion website and mobile apps… until mid-2019. That effectively […]

Breaking up the Band: Microsoft’s fitness tracker may be done

Microsoft has released two activity trackers in the past few years. But it looks like the company has no plans for a third. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that while the Microsoft Band 2 continues to be available for purchase, there are signs that nobody’s working on a Band 3. 10/03/2016 Update: Now Microsoft has […]

This could be the Microsoft Band 2 wearable (leaks)

Microsoft’s holding an event on October 6th, where the company is expected to unveil its next-gen Surface Pro tablet and at least two new Lumia smartphones. One other thing we could see at the event? A second-gen Microsoft Band. And thanks to Spanish website Microsoft Insider, now we have an idea of what it could look […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4, new Lumia phones coming in October?

Microsoft is reportedly preparing to launch several new hardware products in October, probably including an updated version of its Surface Pro tablet, new high-end smartphones, and possibly some other products. Reports from WPDang and The Verge suggest that Microsoft could use the event to launch the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones we’ve been hearing rumors […]