The latest website to end support for IE11 is… Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s original web browser is on its last legs. Internet Explorer first launched in 1995 as the default web browser for Windows 95. But Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with the Edge browser in recent years… and more recently the company has moved to replace the original version of Edge with a new version based on Google’s […]

Lilbits 319: Chrome gets more secure, uses more RAM

Google’s Chrome web browser has always been something of a memory hog, which is to be expected from an application that runs a new process for each browser tab. Now Google has introduced something called “site isolation,” which means that not only does each tab have its own process, but each process can also now […]

Microsoft announces 4 new Windows 10 S laptops, coming soon for $275 and up

Windows 10 S is a streamlined (or maybe stripped down) version of Windows that can only run third-party apps if they’re available from the Windows Store. The upshot is that you get tighter security and the possibility of better performance… and if you’re not happy with the available apps and features you can pay $50 […]