Some mobile games use your phone’s mic to hear what TV shows you’re watching

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook doesn’t use your phone’s microphone to listen to your conversations and then show you targeted ads. But it turns out that some other mobile apps are doing something pretty close. The New York Times reports that there are more than 250 Android games, and some iOS apps as well, that […]

Vesper’s new mics use “practically zero” power, could be used in smartphones

Vesper has unveiled a new microphone that uses just 3µA of current when in sleep/listening mode. In other words, it could enable always-on listening in smartphones or other devices with minimal impact on battery life. The new VM1010 is a piezoelectric MEMS microphone and when a hotword like “OK Google” or “Hey Siri” is detected, […]

Mikme is a Bluetooth mic & recorder for phone, tablet, PC (crowdfunding)

Want to record music, interviews, or podcasts on your smartphone? You can use the built-in mic and a sound recording app. But most phones have mediocre microphones, at best. You could use a notebook or desktop computer instead and hook up a high-quality mic. But you’ll need to connect the mic to a cable, maybe […]

Add a mic to the Amazon Kindle Fire for just a few dollars

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a 7 inch tablet with a high quality display, a speedy dual core processor, and the ability to run thousands of Google Android apps. But one thing Amazon’s tablet doesn’t have is a built-in microphone. You’d think that would mean you cant run sound recorders or voice communication apps such as […]