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Jide launches $99 Remix IO Android mini PC/game console/TV box (crowdfunding)

Jide Technology is launching its second Android-powered mini PC. Kind of. Last year’s Remix Mini was a small, inexpensive box that you could use as a computer thanks to Jide’s Android-based Remix OS software. But this year the company is launching a device that it’s positioning as 3 products in one: a PC, a game […]

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Next-gen NVIDIA Shield TV hits the FCC

NVIDIA seems to be preparing to launch a 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV game console. An NVIDIA device described as the “Shield Android TV Game Console” showed up at the FCC website today. It has a model number of P2897, supports 802.11ac WiFi and has MIMO antennas. At this point, that’s about all we know for certain […]

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This DIY mini NES is way cooler than Nintendo’s (but a lot harder to set up)

This November Nintendo will ship the $60 NES Classic Edition. It’s a tiny replica of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game console that comes with 30 games pre-loaded… and no way to add or remove any of those games. Meanwhile, folks have been building their own NES Classic-style devices for years by putting a Raspberry Pi […]

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Emtec GEM Box review (micro-console with GameFly streaming support)

Gaming can be an expensive hobby. The latest Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo game consoles costs hundreds of dollars, and gaming PCs can easily cost several times as much. Over the past few years a number of companies have tried to shake things up by launching micro-consoles which are typically smaller, cheaper, and less powerful than a PS4, […]

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Razer’s Cortex game store for the Forge TV rises from Ouya’s ashes

The Razer Forge TV is an Android TV box designed to bring Android games to your big screen display. It’s one of a few different devices in this category to launch in 2015, and it’s been met with largely poor reviews. Razer is hoping to turn things around with a major software update: this summer the […]

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Razer confirms acquisition of Ouya for Android-based gaming platform tech

Ouya launched an Android-powered video game console a few years ago and hasn’t really updated the hardware since. But the company has put a lot of time and money into building out its game store and software ecosystem which is used on a handful of third-party devices. Still, the company wasn’t in great financial shape, and […]

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NVIDIA Shield Android TV game console is now available for $199 and up

NVIDIA’s new game console with a Tegra X1 processor and support for 4K content is now available for $199 and up. The NVIDIA Shield Console runs Google’s Android TV software which lets you stream internet video, play Android games, and run other apps on your TV. But it also supports NVIDA’s GameStream and GRID technology […]

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NVIDIA Shield Pro game console with 500GB may be real after all

The NVIDIA Shield game console is set to hit the streets this month. It’s an Android TV box that you can use to watch online videos from YouTube, Netflix, or other sites, play Android games, or stream PC games using NVIDIA’s GameStream and GRID services. NVIDIA is offering a $199 model with a Tegra X1 […]