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Google Chrome 21 beta can interact with cameras, mics, and game controllers

The latest beta version of Google Chrome adds two new APIs that allow web developers to do a few interesting things. They can write web apps that will use your computer’s mic or camera without a plugin. Apps can also take advantage of video game controllers plugged into your PC. What that means is we […]

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HP TouchPad microphone now works with CyanogenMod 9

The HP TouchPad may have shipped with the webOS operating system, but people have been installing custom versions of Google Android on the 9.7 inch tablet for months. Running Android on the HP TouchPad allows you to install hundreds of thousands of apps that aren’t available for webOS, and Google’s operating system generally feels more […]

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More than 8 million netbooks to ship this year

Taiwan’s Market Intelligence Center projects that more than 8 million low cost ultraportable laptops will ship this year — that’s a pretty impressive number for a market segment that didn’t even exist this time last year. The report suggests that number could more than double next year, with 18 million units shipping. The year over […]