Intel says Moorefield tops Snapdragon 801 in graphics benchmarks

Benchmark tools are best taken with a grain of salt, but they provide at least one way to compare performance between devices. And Intel is using FutureMarks’ 3DMark test for Android to make the claim that its new chip for smartphones and tablets offers better graphics performance than one of the fastest ARM-based chips on […]

Phones with Intel’s 64-bit chips could discourage custom ROMs

Intel is getting ready to launch its next-gen smartphone chips. The upcoming 64-bit “Merrifield” processors will be the company’s most powerful smartphone chips to date, while offering longer battery life. But there may be something else that makes Merrifield chips special: Phones with the new processors may be designed to disable key features if you […]

Intel launches Atom “Merrifield” chips for phones, tablets

Intel’s next-gen chips for Android phones and tablets are 22nm, 64-bit chips with clock speeds up to 2.13 GHz. The Intel Atom Z3460 and Atom Z3480 “Merrifield” processors offer better performance and potentially longer battery life than the “Clover Trail+” chips they’ll replace. Intel is also showing a series of benchmarks suggesting that the new […]

Intel shows reference design for smartphones with “Merrifield” chips

This week the first chips based on Intel’s 4th generation Core “Haswell” technology are hitting the streets. But later this year the company plans to update its Atom processors for phones, tablets, and other low-power devices. We’ve heard a lot about the upcoming “Bay Trail” tablet and notebook chips based on the new 22nm Silvermont […]

Intel introduces Silvermont architecture for next-gen tablet, smartphone chips

Intel has been working to reduce power consumption while improving performance across its processor lineup. The company’s upcoming 4th-generation Core processors, code-named “Haswell” are expected to offer up to three times the graphics performance of today’s chips, while using less power. But it’s not just the expensive Core family chips that are getting a performance […]

Intel next-gen 22nm Merrifield, Bay Trail chips coming to future smartphones, tablets

Intel may be busy launching a new dual-core Clover Trail+ processor for smartphones, but the company’s already looking ahead to next-generation Atom chips for smartphones and tablets. The companys’s 32nm Clover Trail+ will eventually be replaced by 22nm “Merrifield” processors designed to offer better performance and longer battery life. Meanwhile the company’s confirming that the […]