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Vesper’s new mics use “practically zero” power, could be used in smartphones

Vesper has unveiled a new microphone that uses just 3µA of current when in sleep/listening mode. In other words, it could enable always-on listening in smartphones or other devices with minimal impact on battery life. The new VM1010 is a piezoelectric MEMS microphone and when a hotword like “OK Google” or “Hey Siri” is detected, […]

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Qualcomm buys display company Pixtronix

Qualcomm may be known first and foremost for making the processors that power millions of phones and tablets. But the company also has a display division… and it’s about to get a little bigger. EE Times reports Qualcomm has acquired display company Pixtronix for about $175 million. Pixtronix is a startup working on MEMS display […]