More 16GB RAM smartphones on the way, as Samsung begins mass producing new LPDDR5 chips

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will be the first smartphone with support for up to 16GB of RAM when it ships early next month. But we could see more phones with that much memory soon, because Samsung has announced that it’s begun mass production of the first 16GB LPDDR5 memory chip for smartphones and other […]

Lilbits 320: Apple’s new MacBook Pro is fast… except when it’s not

Apple launched its most powerful MacBook Pro laptops to date last week, including 15 inch models with support for up an Intel Core i9 processor and AMD Radeon Pro discrete graphics. Unsurprisingly, a top-of-the-line model scores really, really well in benchmarks, and Laptop Magazine reports it has one of the fastest SSDs shipping in any […]

Lilbits 319: Chrome gets more secure, uses more RAM

Google’s Chrome web browser has always been something of a memory hog, which is to be expected from an application that runs a new process for each browser tab. Now Google has introduced something called “site isolation,” which means that not only does each tab have its own process, but each process can also now […]