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MeLE Quieter 4C Review (a pocket-sized fanless PC with Intel N100)

The MeLE Quieter 4C is a pocket-sized computer PC that’s about the size of a thick smartphone. But it’s not a mobile device – the Quieter 4C is a tiny desktop computer that takes up less space than most of the mini PCs on the market, while also offering silent operation due to its fanless, passively […]

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MELE PCG02 Pro fanless pocket-sized PC updated with an Intel N100 processor

The Mele PCG02 Pro is a tiny desktop computer that measures just 146 x 61 x 20mm (5.8″ x 2.4″ x 0.8″). It’s smaller than a typical smartphone, but packs the hardware of a full-fledged Windows (or Linux) PC. Mele first launched the PCG02 Pro a few years ago with Intel Gemini Lake and Jasper […]

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Mele Quieter4C is a pocket-sized fanless PC with Intel N100

The Mele Quieter4C is a compact computer small enough to slide into your pocket. But it’s also a versatile little machine  with support for up to three 4K displays, up to 16GB of RAM, and dual storage (eMMC + SSD). It’s also a the latest in a line of Mele Quieter-branded computers featuring fanless designs for silent […]

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MeLE Overclock 3C review: Pocket-sized mini PC with an Intel Celeron N5095 Jasper Lake processor

The MeLE Overclock 3C is a pocket-sized computer from MeLE that stands out from most other mini PCs in a few ways. For one thing, it’s one of the slimmest mini PCs we’re aware of that features user-upgradable memory. It’s also one of MeLE’s first mini PCs to be powered through a USB Type-C port. […]

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Mele Overclock3C mini PC features an 18W Celeron N5095 and user-upgradeable memory

Chinese mini PC maker Mele has introduced a new model that’s unusual in a few respects. First, while the little computer ships with a previous-gen Intel Celeron N5095 “Jasper Lake” processor rather than a newer Intel Alder Lake-N chip, Mele has overclocked the processor to offer better performance. That’s why the company calls its new […]

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Lilbits: Apple Self Service Repair expands to Europe, Amazon Prime members can stream Ubisoft games they already own

After launching a Self Service Repair program in the United States earlier this year, Apple is expanding the program to eight countries in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. While some folks have found Apple’s approach to be a little over-the-top in a “do I really want to do this” […]

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Lilbits: 140W USB Type-C chargers arrive (power a MacBook Pro 16), Vivo X Fold+ coming soon

You can charge a growing number of laptops using a USB Type-C wall charger. But up until recently, most of those chargers topped out at charging speeds under 100 watts, which meant you couldn’t use them with higher-power notebooks like the latest MacBook Pro 16. But now a handful of companies have begun selling 140W […]

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Mele QuieterHD3 is a fanles mini PC with Celeron N5105 and plenty of ports

The new Mele QuieterHD3 is a compact desktop computer that measures 7.8″ x 5.8″ x 1.7″ and features a fanless design. Powered by an Intel Celeron N5105 processor. While the computer is subsantially larger than other members of the Mele Quieter family (which are typically pocket-sized computers), the new model is more powerful and more versatile. It […]

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Mele Quieter3C pocket-sized, fanless desktop supports up to 3 displays

The Mele Quieter3C is a tiny desktop computer with a 10-watt Intel Celeron N5105 quad-core processor, and a fanless design. Measuring just 5.2″ x 3.2″ x 0.7″, it’s small enough to slide into your pocket or attach to the back of a display. But thanks to its Intel UHD integrated graphics and three display outputs, […]