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Lilbits: Pixel 7 colors revealed, Steam Deck repair centers opened, and Khadas VIM1S single-board PC detailed

Valve has already made it (relatively) easy for folks to repair broken Steam Deck hardware at home by partnering with iFixit. Prefer to leave things to the professionals? Now official Steam Deck repair centers are open. In-warranty repairs will be performed free of charge, but there’s also an option to pay for repairs that aren’t […]

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Lilbits: Raspberry Pi Zero-like mini PCs compared, RP2040 microcontroller overclocked, and reducing the wait time for Purism’s Librem 5 Linux smartphones

The Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Zero 2 are incredibly small, cheap, and versatile single-board computers… but in a time of global supply chain shortages, they’re also kind of hard to get your hands on these days. But there are also a growing number of other tiny PCs competing in this space. And Bret Weber […]

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This software lets you install operating systems on the PinePhone Pro without a microSD card

The PinePhone and PinePhone Pro smartphones are designed to make it easy to choose your own operating system. While the phones ship with a version of Manjaro Linux featuring the KDE Plasma Mobile user interface, you can boot an alternate operating system just by flashing it onto a bootable microSD card and inserting it in […]

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Lilbits: NYT buys Wordle, AYA NEO Next crowdfunding preview, Linux Smartphone news, and Samsung Galaxy S22 series leaks

AYA’s next handheld gaming PC will go up for pre-order through a crowdfunding campaign soon, and it’s expected to ship to backers in March as the first handheld with a Ryzen 5825U processor (but still featuring Radeon Vega 8 graphics rather than the newer RDNA 2 graphics featured in the rival Steam Deck which will […]

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Test 15 different PinePhone operating systems with Megi’s latest multi-distro demo image

Trying out different operating systems on the PinePhone is as simple as flashing a bootable disk image to a microSD card, inserting it in the phone, and powering it on and the instructions for installing an OS to built-in storage are almost as simple. Not sure which operating system you want to install though? That’s […]

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News Roundup: Hacking the PinePhone keyboard accessory, Phoc updates, and a new convergent web browser

Pine64 is making a keyboard accessory for the PinePhone. When it goes on sale later this year, it will let you basically turn a PinePhone into a tiny Linux laptop. But first, developers need to create software that lets the two devices talk to one another. The company has started sending prototypes to developers, and […]

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News roundup: Updates for JingOS and Phosh, notes on PinePhone keyboard hacking

Developers at Purism have released a new version of the Phosh user interface for Linux phones, bringing bug fixes, usability improvements, and several other changes to this phone shell used by multiple smartphone Linux distributions including some versions of postmarketOS (which recently celebrated its fourth birthday, by the way). Meanwhile, the folks at Jingling have […]

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Megi’s PinePhone kernel updates bring battery life, performance improvements

Until recently one of the main things keeping the PinePhone from being a smartphone most people could use as a daily driver was battery life – when my PinePhone arrived in September, 2020 I couldn’t find an operating system that would offer more than a day or so of battery life while idle, let alone during […]

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Lilbits: Black Friday, hacking Amazon’s tablets, and distro hopping on a Linux smartphone

If you haven’t checked out Liliputing’s Black Friday 2020 Mobile Tech Deals page in a while, now’s a pretty good time to do that. We’ve added deals on w whole bunch of laptops, tablets, smartphones, storage products as well as streaming services and downloadable apps, games, and digital media. After offering its Fire HD 10 […]

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Video: Megi’s multi-boot image for the PinePhone (with 17 Linux distros)

The PinePhone is designed to make distro hopping easy. Whether you order a model that comes with Ubuntu Touch, postmarketOS, Manjaro, or KDE Neon pre-installed, the phone is designed to boot first from any properly prepared microSD card. That means you can install an alternate OS on a card, insert it, and turn on the […]