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Linux smartphone news roundup: Waydroid, postmarketOS, Phosh, and MauKit updates

A better method for running Android apps on Linux phones is now working on the PinePhone. More independent reviews of the JingPad A1 Linux tablet are coming in. A new service pack brings improvements to the latest stable build of the postmarketOS Linux distribution. And in this latest Linux smartphone news roundup, there are a […]

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Lilbits: Clubhouse for Android, Allwinner’s RISC-V chips, and Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip2 leaks

Audio-only social network Clubhouse has been grabbing a lot of headlines over the past few months. But it’s also been an iOS-only app… until now. The developers have begun a limited beta test of Clubhouse for Android, and it’s expected to become more widely available in the coming months. No screenshots of the Android app […]

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Megapixels 1.0 released, bringing hardware accelerated graphics to the camera app for Linux phones

Pine64’s PinePhone has a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front-facing camera. But when early versions of the phone began shipping, there wasn’t any software that would actually let you snap photos. So developer Martijn Braam created Megapixels, which wasn’t the first camera app for the PinePhone, but which has certainly become the most fully-functional. It’s […]

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Linux smartphone news roundup: Xfce for phones, browser and camera updates, and more

There’s a new Linux distribution for smartphones that’s the first I’m aware of to be based on the Xfce desktop environment, but while the first pre-release builds of ExpidusOS for the PinePhone are now available for download, there’s still a lot of work to be done to make it into a usable operating system. It […]

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How to install apps in postmarketOS (with Phosh shell)

PostmarketOS is an operating system based on Alpine Linux which is designed to run on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It can at least boot on over 200 devices, and it supports a number of different user interfaces. The PinePhone postmarketOS Community Edition is one of the first smartphones that actually ships with the […]

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Samsung paves the way for 64MP smartphone cameras

In the early days of digital photography, there was a sort of megapixel war with camera makers continually trying to one up each other by allowing you to capture higher resolution photos. For a while this was useful (my first digital camera topped out at an embarrassing 640 x 480 pixels), the war eventually fizzled […]

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Samsung introduces 48MP camera sensor for smartphones

Samsung has unveiled two new image sensors for smartphone cameras that let you snap high-resolution images using a tiny camera. The 32MP ISOCELL Bright GD1 and 48MP ISOCELL Bright GM1 should go into mass production before the end of the year, which means we could see them in smartphones early next year. Both sensors feature 0.8 micrometer […]

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Sony’s new image sensor will bring 48MP photography to smartphones

Sony may not be a top 5 smartphone maker. But the company has a pretty major presence in the mobile space thanks to its popular image sensors that are used in smartphone cameras. The company’s next image sensor is called the IMX586, and it’s a stacked CMOS image sensor with support for 48 megapixel photos. […]