Meegopad A02 PC stick runs Remix OS

Chinese device maker Meegopad offers a range of small form-factor computers running Windows 10 software. Now the company is introducing its first PC-on-a-stick running Remix OS. MeegoPad is taking pre-orders for the MeegoPad A02 through a crowdfunding campaign in China at, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this system sold in other markets in the […]

MeeGoPad T02 PC stick offers Ubuntu or Windows at lower price than Intel Compute Stick

MeegoPad was one of the first companies to launch a PC-on-a-stick with an Intel processor and support for Windows software. Unfortunately the MeegoPad T01 shipped with an unlicensed version of Windows, which means users had to either replace the OS or pay extra to upgrade to a full version. Now there are a number of […]

MeegoPad T01 PC Stick ships with unlicensed Windows 8.1

The MeegoPad T01 is one of the smallest computers available with an Intel processor and Windows 8.1 software. Unfortunately it turns out it doesn’t come with a licensed version of Windows. Retailers started selling the MeegoPad T01 and similar devices in November, and now that customers are starting to receive their units it’s become clear that […]

MeegoPad T01 Bay Trail Windows mini PC now available for $100

The MeegoPad T01 is a little computer-on-a-stick that looks like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromecast. But it’s not just designed to let you stream music and movies to your TV: it’s a full-fledged (albeit tiny) computer that runs Windows 8.1. Actually, the MeegoPad T01 comes with both Windows and Android pre-loaded. You can switch […]