QML Parallax UI for MeeGo adds multilayer approach to the desktop

QML Parallax Layer Desktop is a user interface for tablets and other devices running MeeGo Linux. It’s one of the most unique re-imaginings of the computer desktop I’ve seen in a while. Instead of simply giving you a 2 dimensional, or even 3D palate for app icons and widgets, Cybercom‘s  software gives you a series […]

Digia develops custom user interface for MeeGo computers, smartphones

MeeGo is a light weight Linux distribution that’s been optimized to run on smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and other devices with low power ARM, Intel, or AMD chips. The OS is tweaked to run on low resolution displays and to handle low power processors. But while you can certainly run a vanilla MeeGo installation on your […]

MeeGo Linux 1.1 for netbooks, smartphones, in-car PCs now available

The developers of the MeeGo Linux project have launched MeeGo 1.1. While MeeGo is available as a standalone download, the group offers up the architecture for use in other Linux distributions as well, so it probably won’t be long before we start seeing versions of Linpus, Ubuntu, Fedora, and other operating systems using MeeGo’s custom […]

Linpus to launch Tablet software based on MeeGo Linux by year’s end

MeeGo is a Linux environment designed for mobile devices with small displays, including netbooks, smartphones, in-car entertainments systems and tablets. So far, only the netbook version has been released to the general public, but the slate version is due out soon, and one of the first Linux software distributions looking to take advantage of the […]