Asus Eee PC X101: $200 netbook that will run MeeGo Linux or Windows 7

Asus is getting back into the Linux netbook game with the introduction of the Eee PC X101. The company is positioning the new netbook as a thin and light model, measuring just 0.7 inches thick and weighing just 2.1 pounds. Those figures aren’t exactly revolutionary, but they do mean that the new netbook will be […]

MeeGo 1.2 coming soon to Linux distributions you probably don’t use

Intel has announced that four companies have committed to using the recently released MeeGo 1.2 code in upcoming versions of their Linux-based operating systems. MeeGo offers a user interface optimized for mobile devices including phones, tablets, and netbooks, as well as performance optimizations for Intel Atom processors. Linpus, the company that developed the Linux distribution […]