Mer Project and Sailfish OS are merging (open source, Linux-based mobile operating systems)

Mer is an open source GNU/Linux operating system designed for mobile devices. Sailfish OS, the operating system that Jolla develops for smartphones, is probably the most popular operating system based on Mer (which isn’t really saying very much). And the two projects have been closely intertwined from the get go. So it’s not exactly a […]

Jolla Mobile’s first Sailfish smartphone to ship by end of 2013

Jolla Mobile is revealing a few more details about the company’s first smartphone, and the first device to ship with the Sailfish operating system. The company introduced the phone earlier this year, and started taking pre-orders. But now Jolla Mobile is providing more details about the phone’s specs. It’s equipped with a 1.4 GHz Qualcomm […]

Jolla closes first round of Sailfish smartphone pre-orders, coming soon for $500

Jolla Mobile plans to launch its first smartphone by the end of the year. It’s a 4.5 inch phone with a dual-score processor, 16GB of storage, and the Sailfish operating system. That’s a Linux-based operating system that rose out of the ashes of the discontinued MeeGo Linux project. The company started taking pre-orders a few […]

Sailfish OS SDK released, develop apps for yet another smartphone OS

Jolla Mobile has released tools that will let developers create apps for the upcoming Sailfish smartphone operating system. Sailfish is a Linux-based OS that grew out of the ashes of MeeGo after Nokia ditched the project. The first Sailfish OS devices are expected to launch later this year. Like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, […]

Sailfish OS makes the rounds, shows up in unexpected places (videos)

Sailfish is a new operating system for smartphones and tablets, but it’s based on software that’s been around for a while. It’s basically a continuation of the open source MeeGo Linux-based operating system which Nokia abandoned when the Finnish phone maker jumped on Microsoft’s Windows Phone bandwagon. This week the folks at Jolla Mobile released […]

Jolla releases Sailfish OS Alpha developer tools (MeeGo revisited)

Jolla Mobile has released the first version of a software developer kit for Sailfish, a new operating system for mobile devices that’s based on Nokia’s abandoned MeeGo Linux platform. It will likely be a little while before we start to see phones or other devices ship with Sailfish, but developers interested in kicking the tires […]

Smartphones in 2013: Tizen, Firefox OS, Sailfish to compete with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Android and iOS pretty much dominate the smartphone space these days, although there are still an awful lot of BlackBerry handsets in the wild, and Microsoft is pushing its Windows Phone 8 platform pretty hard. But in 2013 we’ll see a few new players enter the market. It’s not clear whether they’ll make much of […]

Jolla to offer MeeGo-based mobile OS in early 2013

MeeGo may be dead, but long live Sailfish. A group of former Nokia employees have formed a new company called Jolla, and they’ve raised 200 million Euros to continue developing the Linux-based mobile operating system for phones and tablets, and they’re on track to offer the first version in early 2013. The Wall Street Journal […]

MeeGo isn’t dead yet: Jolla plans to launch smartphone with MeeGo software

Nokia may not be making smartphones with MeeGo Linux anymore, but a new company is hoping to keep the open source, Linux-based mobile software platform alive. Jolla plans introduce a new smartphone running MeeGo-based software later this year. MeeGo was formed when the Moblin netbook operating system and Maemo smartphone OS merged a few years […]