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Plex launches new desktop app, exits the Windows Store and kills HTPC support (updated)

Plex began its life more than a decade ago as media center software for folks that wanted to plug their PC or Mac into a TV. Since then, Plex has evolved into tool that you can use to organize and play your personal media or online video whether you’re using a computer, smartphone, tablet, game […]

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Plex Cloud is shutting down two years after launch (personalized online media streaming service)

Plex is a powerful media center tool that lets you stream your own music, movies, TV shows, and other media to smartphones, smart TVs, computers, or other gadgets. But in order to do that, you’ll need to set up a Plex server application on a PC that you leave running all the time or on […]

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Simply NUC unveils Intel NUC-base HomeBase Hub home server products

Simply NUC is a company that sells and supports Intel NUC mini PCs, and the company showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show this year planning to promote the availability of Intel’s new Hades Canyon NUC with a high-power Intel processor featuring Radeon Vega M graphics. But Simply NUC is also planning to launch a […]

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Gigabyte Brix Max: Haswell and Android-powered NAS media server

Gigabyte’s Brix line of devices are small computers that don’t look much larger than a small stack of CD cases. Now the company is developing a new model that’s a little different. Instead of a standalone PC, the Gigabyte Brix Max is designed to be used as a network-attached storage device and media server for […]

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Sony Personal Content Station backs up your mobile media, puts it on a big screen

Sony’s Personal Content Station is a box with a 1 terabyte hard drive, a bunch of ports, wireless capabilities, and the ability to backup and store all the media from your phone or tablet. You can also use it to display that content on a TV or upload photos or videos to social networks. The […]