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Plex for Android gets a makeover: Turns phones, tablets into media centers (and media servers)

Plex is a popular media center app which lets you navigate photos, music, and movies on a computer — or stream that content to other devices including phones, tablets, smart TVs and set-top boxes. Up until recently the Plex team’s Android app was functional, but kind of dull. But that will change when a brand […]

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Huawei MediaQ M310 set-top-box is a quad-core Android media player

Chinese device maker Huawei has been turning headlines lately with its Android smartphones. But the company also has an Android TV box in the works. It’s called the Huawei MediaQ M310, and it’s one of the few Android devices designed for use with a TV to feature a quad-core ARM-based processor. The MediaQ M310 is […]

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Unofficial XBMC build supports HD video on most Android devices

The makers of the popular XBMC media center app have been making early builds of XBMC available for Android for months. But the official builds don’t support hardware-accelerated video playback on most Android devices — which means you may not be able to play 720p or 1080p video if you use the official builds. There […]

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Samsung Muse is a $50 MP3 player that syncs with Galaxy smartphones

Most Android smartphones make decent MP3 players. They have long battery life, enough storage for at least a few albums of music, and headphone jacks. What more do you need? How about something thinner and lighter which won’t drain your phone’s battery and which has dedicated playback buttons? Enter the Samsung Muse. The Muse is […]

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MediaMonkey beta for Android syncs with the powerful Windows media manager

MediaMonkey is a music player for Windows which offers powerful tools for organizing, tagging, and playing music. The program also lets you synchronize your media with mobile devices including iOS or Android phones or tablets. With the help of plugins you can also use MediaMoneky to handle videos, audio effects, or more. Now the folks […]

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$100 Roku Streaming Stick brings 600 internet media channels to your TV

Roku has been offering small set-top-boxes that let you stream internet video and audio to a television for a few years. Now the company is offering the same features in an even tinier package. The Roku Streaming Stick is a $100 USB flash drive-sized device that you can plug into the HDMI port of any TV […]

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Apple’s 5th-gen iPod touch: It’s stripped down $299 iPhone 5 without the phone

Apple has unveiled its next-generation iPod touch. It looks like an iPhone 5, with the same 4 inch, 1136 x 640 pixel display. But the 5th-generation iPod touch doesn’t make phone calls, it’s even thinner than the new iPhone, and it has a last-generation processor. It’s available for purchase for $299 and up. That’s more […]