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Google launches 2nd-gen Chromecast and Chromecast Audio

Google has been offering a cheap media streaming device for TVs since 2013. The Chromecast costs $35, plugs into an HDMI port on your TV, and lets you use your phone, tablet, or computer as a remote control. Now Google is launching two major updates to the Chromecast family. The user interface is still simple/nonexistent: […]

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Report: Next-gen Apple TV (with Siri and App Store) coming this year

Apple launched the first Apple TV box more than 8 years ago, offering users a way to watch iTunes content on a TV. Since then the company has improved the hardware and added support for streaming content from other devices through AirPlay. But the $69 Apple TV the company sells today isn’t really all that […]

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VLC updates media player apps for Android, Windows, iOS, and more

Cross-platform, open source media player VLC just became even more cross-platformy. Developers released updated versions of VLC for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android as well as for new versions of the app for platforms including Android TV, Windows Phone, and Windows RT. VLC has also returned to iOS. This marks the first time the VLC team […]

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Sony’s latest Walkman is a $1200 music player for audiophiles

Sony’s Walkman brand used to be synonymous with portable music players. These days many of us just use our phones as MP3 players to listen to music on the go, but some folks prefer something a little… fancier. Sony’s newest Walkman is aimed at those people. The Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 is a high-end portabl audio player with […]

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Lilbits (10-21-2014): Next-gen DSL tech could bring new life to phone lines

Back in the dark ages the only way for most people to access the internet was with a slow dialup connection (or by visiting a college or other institution that actually had a faster T1 line). Then along came DSL, one of the first technologies to offer broadband speeds. But in recent years cable, fiber […]

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Shuttle launches its first Android, ARM-based computers

Small form-factor PC maker Shuttle is launching its first little PCs powered by ARM-based processors and Google Android software. The company unveiled the Shuttle DSA2LS earlier this year, but now Shuttle has announced that it’s available in Europe for a suggested retail price of 158 Euros (including VAT). That’s about $210 US, but it’ll likely be […]