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NVIDIA Tegra X1: octa-core chip with 256-core Maxwell graphics

Last year NVIDIA introduced a mobile processor with 192-core Kepler graphics. This year the company’s stepping up its game with the Tegra X1 chip. It’s a 64-bit, 8-core mobile processor with 256-core Maxwell graphics: the same graphics technology used in the desktop and notebook graphics chips NVIDIA introduced in 2014. NVIDIA says the processor can […]

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Lilbits (3-25-2014): NVIDIA Erista mobile chip coming in 2015

NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor is just starting to hit the streets, but the chip maker is already looking ahead to next year. That’s when NVIDIA’s next-gen mobile chip will launch. It’s code-named “Erista,” it features NVIDIA’s Maxwell graphics technology, and that’s… about all we know at the moment. Here’s a roundup of tech news from […]

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NVIDIA GTX 800M series graphics promises up to 2X the notebook gaming time

NVIDIA is launching its next-gen notebook graphics, and the company’s promising up to 60 percent better performance for gaming laptops. But what might be an even more important aspect of the NVIDIA GeForce 800M GPU family is NVIDIA’s new “Battery Boost” technology. The company says it could offer gamers up to twice as much battery […]